TheĀ  classrooms are spacious, well-ventilated, wee-lighted and quipped with modern educational amenities. The emphasis has been laid on cleanliness and beutification of the classrooms. Highly conductive classroom environments enrich the quality of the teaching learning process.


Computer Centre


We are developing a Computer centre, giving students unlimited access to computer and associated educational software tools.




The school insists on punctuality and attendance of students. Leave of absence must be applied for in the event of inability to attend school.


Should the parents/guardians feel that their child/ward is not making desired progress they can meet the principal.


The safety of the child while traveling to and form school is that of the parent.


Children suffering from any communicable diseases may not be sent to school. The principal reserves the right of readmitting the student to the class after producing medical certificate.


Parents are request to check the dairies of their child and follow all instructions issued there-in.